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BWF World Superseries
2017 Badminton Championships“
~For the sake of Nurturing
the Future Generations,
Daihatsu sponsors
“ABC Badminton National Primary
School Tournament” as well~

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Daihatsu announces its sponsorship of ”DAIHATSU YONEX Japan Open 2017 Badminton Championships“, a national badminton tournament to be held from the 19th to the 24th of September 2017 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

This tournament is part of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Superseries, where top ranked players gather, and this is the only one organized in Japan. This year marks its 36th series.

During the month of March, Daihatsu announced its new group slogan, “Light you up”, which acts as the base for these two principles, “Creating things” and “Creating events”. Daihatsu has declared that with these two wheels, it will move forward its business and evolve the Daihatsu brand.
The sponsorship this time emanates one of the wheels, “Creating events” and emphasizes the magnification of interactions with our customers and inhabitants of the community. We begin with Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, where this is one of the contributions towards the development of badminton.

In addition, for the sake of nurturing the future generations, Daihatsu will be sponsoring the “ABC Badminton National Primary School Tournament”, a tournament for primary school students. This year, the tournament marks its 18th time. The competitors who have broken through the preliminaries for each of their own prefecture will gather for their final tournament on the 4th to 16th of August 2017 at Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Furthermore, Daihatsu has taken part not only in cheering of the Badminton/Para-Badminton teams representing Japan, but also support for the “Para-Badminton Japan Open 2017”, an international Para-Badminton tournament. Daihatsu conducts such activities in many countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

In tandem with the contribution towards the development and expansion of Badminton through various methods in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, Daihatsu will continue to deepen connections and light up the livelihood of people through Badminton.

Press Release Report

Five Representative players attended the press release for the tournament organized in Tokyo on 27th June (Tue).
Many reporters attended as well, and we were able to feel the hype and anticipation for our rebirthed tournament.

Presentation of supportive messages from the primary school players.

During the qualifying rounds for the ABC tournament in June, we requested for messages for the Japan representative players from the primary school student players. These students practise daily with hopes of becoming one of the Japan Open players in the future.
Being able to convey their feelings directly towards their aspiring athletes was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them, and the primary school student players excitedly wrote the messages.

After receiving the supportive messages from the primary school student players, the Japan representative players spoke of their own memories of the ABC tournament. They said, "We wish to provide dreams and aspirations to everyone working hard!" and swore to fight a good fight.

Athletes' Comments

Ayaka Takahashi
(Nihon Unisys)

Ayaka Takahashi (Nihon Unisys)
Enthusiasm towards the tournament
Since this tournament is the first tournament that I won, I harbor great memories and feelings towards it.
In front of the large number of audiences, I hope we properly show our fine plays. On top of that, it will be great if we are able to produce good results like winning the tournament.
Self appeal
Our special abilities are our combination and consecutive attacks.
Look out for us because we belive that in terms of our combination, we won't lose to any pairs!!
Messages for the fans
Thank you very much for your support.
I believe that watching Badminton live is the best, thus, I will be very pleased if everyone comes down to the venue. I look forward to your support!

Misaki Matsutomo
(Nihon Unisys)

Misaki Matsutomo (Nihon Unisys)
Enthusiasm towards the tournament
I am excited every year to be able to compete at the one and only Superseries organized in Japan. I will do my upmost in order to stand on the court as many times as possible.
Self appeal
Please watch my tactics and deception techniques, which are one of the charms of Badminton.
Messages for the fans
Thank you very much for always supporting me. In this tournament that I possess deep feelings for, I wish to unleash everything that I have done so far and do my upmost. Please come down to watch!

Keigo Sonoda
(Tonami Transportation)

Keigo Sonoda (Tonami Transportation)
Enthusiasm towards the tournament
A Supeseries in my own country. Watched by many Japanese people, I will give my best performance. I will do my best so as to show everyone the moment I become the champion!
Self appeal
My splendid smash and my play overflowing with guts. My forte is fighting at low heights.
Messages for the fans
I will do my very best to provide a performance that will make the crowd feel heated up and excited, and also make them feel moved by my play. I look forward to your support!!

Takeshi Kamura
(TONAMI Transportation)

Takeshi Kamura (TONAMI Transportation)
Enthusiasm towards the tournament
Since this is the only Superseries in Japan, I have more feelings for this tournament than any other international ones. I am in good condition this season, and will do my best to win the tournament.
Self appeal
I wish for the audience to watch my aggressive plays at the front. Also, while I rarely move to the rear, please do pay attention to my voice when I hit a smash.
Messages for the fans
Thank you very much for your support.
I am always saved by the support from my fans. In this tournament, we will show you an evolved 'Sono-Kamu'. So I look forward for your heated support!

Sayaka Sato

Sayaka Sato (Yonex)
Enthusiasm towards the tournament
This is a precious opportunity where Japanese fans can watch top level battles in the world, live. I will give my best performance and do my best to win the tournament.
Self appeal
Look out for my plays where I release all my emotions and my stamina that allows me to run around the whole court aggressively!
Messages for the fans
This tournament is one which I have deep feelings for. As I am aiming to be the champion, It will make me happy to see you all get hyped up watching my match. Please come on down to watch the world's best matches.
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